Hi – my name is Andy Hansen. 

I am starting out as a Pilates teacher, after 30 years in international development and education.  

During my career I spent thousands of hours sitting in meetings, working mobile phones and hunched over laptops.  To unwind, I would then spend most weekends bent over the handlebars of a road bike. 

All of this was a lot of fun – but it was very bad for my core strength, lower, middle and upper back!

I like Pilates because it works.  

I have tried dozens of conventional and not so conventional treatments for my bad back.  Pilates was the most effective and sustainable, because it gave me the tools and exercises to manage my own body.  I now have better core strength and less pain than I did 30 years ago.

After careful research, I decided to do my training with Body Control Pilates – Europe’s largest provider of Pilates training.  Given my background in education, I was especially impressed with the quality and thoroughness of their education and assessment.

So for me, being a Pilates teacher brings together many  of my passions – life long learning,  fitness and working with people.