As a member of the generation which just preceded the baby boomers I have found doing Pilates very valuable because it has given me much more confidence in understanding how my body works and it has helped me to maintain my flexibility in this difficult time of coronavirus. I have been very impressed with Andy Hansen, who is my Pilates teacher, even though his lessons have had to be conducted via Zoom during this period. Andy has been very successful in making me aware of the correct alignment of my body as well as helping to breathe correctly before I start the exercises that he has set out in my weekly programme. In fact, I have learnt that proper breathing and alignment of the body can be taken over into other areas of one’s life. The exercises that Andy has set for me are age appropriate for me and he explains each of them very thoroughly and encourages me to repeat them until I have got them right. Andy also sends me video examples of some of the exercises that I struggle with technically so that I can practise them at leisure. I would certainly recommend Andy Hansen as an excellent Pilates teacher and look forward to the time when we no longer need to have Pilates lessons via Zoom.